Transitional-Vocational Supports

What is the Transitional/Vocational Support Service?

The purpose of this support is to provide Junior High and Senior High School students who have disabilities with one-on-one support. The support provided is an extension of the student's Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). The focus areas are determined with each student served. Some of the common areas of focus are:

  • Prepare for transition from school to adult life; Future Planning
  • Guided Exploration
  • Sexuality
  • Socialization
  • Career/Employment Choices
  • Work Experience
  • Community Living
  • Adult Choices
  • Skill Building, etc...

All students who access this service are involved in consultation with their schools and parents in developing an Individualized Service Plan (I.S.P. - see below).

Qualifications for Service

  1. Have a disability (i.e.; developmental, physical, brain injury, psychological).
  2. Must have any medical disorder(s) under control (i.e.; Diabetes, Epilepsy, Mental Illness).
  3. Must have updated assessment information that indicates the nature of your disability

Our Responsibilities

  1. We will assist you in the following;
    • Identifying your strengths and your needs.
    • Setting your personal goals (I.S.P.).
    • Reviewing and assessing your progress.
  2. We will also provide you with direction, encouragement, and assistance in obtaining your goals.

ECHOS Client Responsibilities in the Trans/Voc Services

As an ECHOS client in the Trans/Voc supports, you will be expected to...

  1. With guardian/parent assistance, you will schedule and honour all appointments.
  2. Set your own goals (I.S.P.).
  3. You will also be held accountable to progress through your personal goals to the best of your ability.

*Special Note for Parent/Guardians:
If the support will be paid-for through Family Supports for Children with Disabilities Services Agreement, you MUST provide your F.S.C.D.

 Agreement document when you apply for support for your child.

Individual Service Plan (I.S.P.)

An I.S.P. is a tool used to help set and evaluate goals. It will identify how you, as an ECHOS client, will achieve them and help you set target dates for achievement. Every four to six months, you and your worker will evaluate your goals. You determine if you need to continue working on them or if you have achieved any of them; you may want to set different ones at that time.

Here are some of the Goal Areas you may want to choose from;

  • Exploration (Who you are)
    • Interests and Needs
    • Abilities and Strengths
    • Skills
    • Guided Exploration
  • Socialization
    • Building Social Skills
    • Community Integration
    • Peer Interaction
    • Leisure/Recreation Planning
  • Transitional/Vocational
    • Career and Employment Choices
    • Work Experience
    • Job Coaching
    • Exploring Choices available with transition from school to adult living
  • Community Living: Skill Building for Independent Living
    • Cooking/Cleaning
    • Budgeting/Shopping
    • Hygiene
    • Time Management
    • Organizational Skills

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