Client Intake Procedure

How do I apply for service from ECHOS?

The Applications or Intake procedure is essentially the same for each type of Individualized service offered by the ECHO Society.
  1. Pick up an application form from our office and bring it back when completed (If applicable - be sure to include a copy of the Handicapped Children's Service Agreement).
  2. We will make an appointment to conduct an interview. The initial interview is an exchange of information which will include;
    • Clarification of information on application form. (If applicable - identifying the support request in relationship to the Handicapped Children's Services Agreement.)
    • An overview of support options and identification of our Application Process
    • If required; the completion of a "Summary of Needs Assessment".
  3. A committee will review your application and decide if you qualify for services from ECHOS. If we are unable to assist you, we will try to find an agency that can.
  4. A letter will be sent to you to let you know the committee's decision on your application.

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