What is Snoezelen?

A Snoezelen Room Is a safe multi-sensory environment which stimulates one's sensory diet using lights, color, aroma, audio, and touch. It was developed to satisfy perceptual needs of people with severe learning, sensory, and other disabilities. Snoezelen is now used widely in education and care settings for children with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Studies have also found beneficial results for elderly suffering from dementia such as Alzheimer's, people with mental illness, as well as for those in chronic pain, with challenging behaviors, acquired brain injury, and other conditions. Snoezelen is gaining momentum in the mainstream population as an antidote to stress. Snoezelen has grown into a worldwide movement in over 30 countries with thousands of installations, a worldwide foundation, national and international conferences, and international research projects.

ECHO Society has received grants and community donations to provide the general public with access a Snoezelen Room in their own community.  In the last fiscal year, there have been several individuals in our community that have accessed this room on a consistent basis.  There have been several successful outcomes from using Snoezelen and its effect on individual’s health and wellness daily.

General Inquiries:

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call 780-778-2660.

For more Snoezelen information, visit:

Rompa Website

Flaghouse Website


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